When you have that people you look up to and share their adventures that motivates you to be more than you are it gives you inspiration to desire.

It all started by dreaming and a little bit of parental force. I mean tell me, would you defy those people who would let you come with them to travel? Of course not well as for me I wouldn’t. Since it is free! When I was very young I always see everything as an opportunity such as traveling and my parents gave me that to be honest and I am lucky. Now that I have reached this point in life it drives me to inspire, motivate and help people build their confidence in traveling and seeing the world through their own eyes. Having a deeper connection to the world will lead you to a great adventure. All the experiences I have as an amateur traveler would open that awareness to a bigger horizon.  Giving you the appetite to learn more things, to share insights, to attract various understanding of different cultures and be lost by amazement of mesmerizing and resplendent places that you will discover. As to what I have learned, life is a continuous journey, you might have missed the half of your life if you had not been able to travel or to explore the most beautiful thing this world has to offer. It would give you a profound lasting impression of living life to the fullest.


When you travel you will learn that staying in one place will give you a chance to give you the realization in wanting to grow and expound yourself to discover what else is out there. Never limit yourself in the things that you know. My advice is to take a leap of faith and break out of your cocoon. Give yourself that freedom and gain confidence in one’s self. There is always that something you are searching for in life. What could it be? Would it be to inspire or be inspired? Check yourself by traveling and give space knowing your purpose. Maybe, and just maybe at the midst of everything you thought you know in a never ending road you will find what you are looking for or as to what your heart desire, the gem of life.