What inspires you? Who inspires you?

We all have that one person or one thing that inspires us the most and brings out the best in us.

I’ve got this man who, not only inspires me but to a lot of people that had witnessed all his adventures, his humorous personality and intelligent characteristic. A man who taught me to stay humble and strong to whatever challenges I may face.

As a father he has always been a tough person to please but indeed a warm-hearted one. He is strict; he has this admirable trait as a man of his word and it gives you the limitation to disappoint him. He is an honorable man who you can always count on.

He has his talents that got me hooked, most of all his photography skills. His travel experiences and all his stories made my soul open to mirror all the things he did and by being a nature lover; he encourages me to be brave (by holding a garden snake for his photos).

He has influenced me a lot to follow his footsteps. As a daughter we always want to make our fathers proud. I can tell you that there were crazy adventurous events, so as far as I can say there are never dull moments with him.

Werner Pfunder Feb. 14 1966 – Sept. 11 2014