One of the best finds on Airbnb, is this beautiful place situated in a small pretty town in Anguillara Sabazia Italy. 


I love this peaceful town and its people. The place is just walking distance to everything, plus a Pizza place around the corner for my midnight cravings. And I am talking about real Italian Pizzas. This is the most important detail here. 

We arrived at the place late in the evening, we were lucky that our host was easy to contact for any detailed information how to get there. 

I was so excited to see how the place looks like after seeing the photos, and to my surprise. It did not fail me. 

Here are the pros and cons for me: 


  • A huge lake in the town
  • Friendly People
  • Peaceful to walk around 
  • Beautiful Sunset
  • 24hours grocery center, in a small town
  • An hour away to Rome for a day trip 
  • Very accessible to other places around in Italy since it is at the center area of Italy
  • Mainly use Cash for buying souvenirs and snacks
  • ATM is hard to find on foot, I suggest taking cash in advance (it is a small town after all)
  •  24hrs Grocery store takes Cash only
  • Transportation might be challenging without a car
  • As anywhere in the world, always secure your valuables
  • Know the difference between coffee and espresso. When you say coffee they would just bring you Espresso. 
  • For breakfast, there are not much places to get warm meals and unsweetened croissant or bread. We just bought in advance some fruits in the supermarket. It helps. 
  • For smokers: I say it is hard to get a pack in town, so buy in advance. The automat does not or did not work on our ID when we were there. 
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