Corona Birthday

When everything is on stand still. On Pause. So quiet. Waiting for something to happen on your birthday. 

You end up laying on your bed and wishing you were out there, by the beach, hearing the crashing of the waves, the salty wind on your hair and the sun kissing your skin. Sadly it remains in your imagination. 

Have you ever opened your eyes at a still ocean water, it burns your eyes at first but when you dive deeper, the sense of peace is there. It is because of how wonderful it feels that you forget the sting on your eyes, your breathing steady and finally you feel that serene feeling.

Oh how I wish I am at that exact place and feeling. 



It is
supposed to be the
beginning of a new year.  To celebrate someone’s life and achievements in the past years through Big Parties. Drinks to get drunk, games to complain, dressing up for a dine out, putting on make-up, doing your hair, a date time with your special someone, gifts and surprises, travels to remember and many more experiences.


Birthday is always a festive time. Most of all in my Country. 

It is a booming celebration with different kinds of food, loud music, family and Friends coming together.

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