Another getaway to look forward to. This weekend trip was by far one of the best. That 2nights and 3days was enough for us to refresh and rejuvenate, at a perfect location. It is located at the Interlaken Region, A beautiful Hotel right in the middle of the valley, between Swiss Alps and sprouting waterfalls. The fresh air, beautiful surroundings, and that exquisite view is just breathtaking.


This type of weekend trip is what you simply need to take the stress away. We had a good experience in this hotel. The view from the bedroom was astonishing, as you can see. In the evening the lighting of the waterfalls is romantic, it hit you just right. That soothing clash of the water when it hits the bottom, is just relaxing.



In the morning, you are welcomed on a new day with the birds melodic singing and the fresh mountain air on your balcony. 

The assortment tea and coffee, the variety of bread and marmalade makes out for a perfect breakfast. The finest part of this breakfast is the VIEW. Overlooking the whole valley. 

I can sit there for hours. It is the most peaceful breakfast I have ever had. I truly wish every breakfast is as pleasant as this. Knowing that on the next morning, this will be by your breakfast window, It would motivate you to start your day early. 

For anyone traveling to Interlaken, this is the best place to stay with a view. 

And, NO this is not a marketing strategy nor am I paid for this. I do this to share my experience and make it easy for travellers who is searching for a nice place to stay, with a view. There are so many small hotels and Inn around of course, feel free to check the others out. But this for me I can say I hit the jackpot with this one. again.. because of the view.

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